Validate your idea before writing a single line of code


Like a lot of you, I made the mistake of building products no one wants. It sucks when you put time and effort into something you think is going to be a hit…only for it to flop.

Veterans keep telling us: validate your idea before building it. But doing this can be hard and not at all straightforward.

Probably the simplest tried and tested way is to setup a landing page, run some traffic on it, and see if people resonate with the idea. The success signal could be something like subscribing with their email or even handing you over their credit card by paying in advance (very strong signal).

A while back I had this meta idea to build a product that helped validate building products. This idea came to me when I asked the question ‘What if there was an app that tells me if my idea is good or not?’

And so I Want To Build This was Born (I still feel great about getting this domain haha). It’s similar to kickstarter, but instead of money users pay with their email. Creators post their ideas with the promise to build it if X number of users subscribe to that idea.

You can check out I Want To Build This here.

get the email

An email is a good signal someone is interested, and this allows you to confidently move forward with developing your idea.

user subscribed

And you now have an initial group of potential customers you can engage with and build out the product for!

build your email list

You can check out I Want To Build This here.

Please share any feedback you have. :)

I’m a scrapper/hacker. I like to build things.